Monday, 7 December 2009


"Witches, Gypsies and hunting. In combination these three staple sources of hysteria, excitement and persecution assume peculiarly British airs, and British anti-graces. Delaine Le Bas weaves and dyes these themes, painting life-size lines around the witches that in England were never burned as they were on the continent, but drowned, hanged and left in cold open fields.
As part of the UK Romany community (Roma being the largest ethnic minority in Europe) Delaine Le Bas’s installations of found objects and textile techniques, deal with issues of racism, sexism, bigotry, mis-representation, hypocrisy, transitional displacement, homelessness and the horrors that face many people everyday in the world we live in."

Love love love love love.
This exhibition ended in November.
Where have you gone fair maiden?
Return soon, I beg of you.

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